verde esperança




Ecoa o meu olhar
pelo verde deste lugar…

…ele paira

respira profundamente…

…e  regressa,
pleno de confiança
a este tempo
que sou,
a este sentir
que partilho,

a mim,

lugar de vida
e sempre lugar de esperança!


(Dulce Delgado, Junho 2020)






13 thoughts on “verde esperança

    1. Já diz o provérbio que a “esperança é sempre a última a morrer”.
      Então… só temos de lhe fazer companhia para que fique mais tempo viva e activa!
      Obrigado pela presença e comentário.


    1. Well, it seems that Portuguese is getting easier and more friendly!
      About this photography … I think that a single tree is something very symbolic. In this specific case, I like to think that this tree may be the precursor to something bigger … something better and something full of hope,
      Thank you!

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      1. Ha ha, well that was an easy one. I took 4 years of French a very long time ago and many words are similar in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, right? Of course, the best way to get a feeling for the language is to visit – wouldn’t that be nice? Maybe someday I’ll get to Portugal. I agree, single trees carry a lot of meaning – probably representing humans in our minds. And hope is something we need now.

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      2. Surely Portugal would be a beautiful choice. Small in size but very diverse.
        And traveling is always the best way to train the “internal translator “ and forget the “google translator “…a precious help also for me and my limited English!
        Thank you for the comment!😊

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