experimentações #24

Tempos mais conturbados na minha vida poderiam ter levado a um afastamento da vertente criativa. Mas tal não aconteceu. Pelo contrário, sendo o momento de trilhar um novo caminho, senti necessidade de fazer coisas um pouco diferentes.

O curioso é que os desenhos que publico neste e no próximo post, tecnicamente exigentes e requerendo muita atenção e cuidado uma vez que muitas das zonas de sombras e relevos foram realizadas com pontos de caneta (e muita paciência também!), serviram para eu perceber que realmente não era isto que queria porque, na essência, eles simbolizavam contenção, controle e a total ausência de espontaneidade.

Contudo, aprecio este conjunto de desenhos como um todo por terem sido únicos e marcarem um tempo de mudança na minha vida. Gosto especialmente do inicial pelo simbolismo que encerra, desenho que há uns anos decidi oferecer a uma sobrinha que o adorava, vivendo desde então feliz em sua casa.

(Dulce Delgado, lápis de cor, aguarela e e tinta da China sobre papel, 1993)

20 thoughts on “experimentações #24

  1. Your design sense is just brilliant, Dulce. I love the strong feeling of positive femininity in these, especially the first one. No wonder your niece loved it! I once did a series of drawings in this style and I know how tedious it can be. It was fun to slowly build up the forms with tiny dots but it’s not my preferred method, either.

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    1. It’s always good to experiment various forms of expression…but going point to point is really demanding on patience!
      I was curious: does Lynn, in addition to being a photographer, also make drawings?
      Thank you.🙂

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      1. I don’t draw much anymore but my college education was in fine arts, which included drawing, of course. Much later, I completed a two-year botanical illustration course at the New York Botanical Garden in NYC. One of the techniques we learned was this, which is called pointillism here. In between college and the botanical illustration course I created the illustrations for a cookbook, The Greyston Bakery Cookbook. The newer printings of that book use photographs but the first edition has my small drawings of cakes, pies, cookies, etc. It was a lot of work but it was fun.
        And now I have to ask you – I’ve been wondering for a long time if you lived in England or another English-speaking country at some point, because you are so comfortable with the English language, but I’m pretty sure Portuguese is your first language. Just curious!

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      2. Now my curiosity about these drawings is satisfied! I imagine they took a lot of work to do…but maybe a little less if you like cooking…right? 😉

        About your question: I’m genuinely Portuguese, I’ve always lived in Portugal and I only have high school education (7 years of English).
        My great friend is the Google translator, a precious help. He mends me… I mend him… and in this way we are cooperating as best we can.
        Apparently this has been a good partnership, as my comments are well understood!😊
        Thank you very much and I wish you a good weekend.

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      3. It’s better than a good partnership! 😉 I follow some German and Dutch blogs and their creators probably have about the same number of years of English as you…but you usually sound more like a native English speaker than other people, to me anyway. Languages are so interesting, aren’t they? I’m sorry I didn’t study a second language for a longer time – I had 4 years of French but no chance to practice it, so I’m sure you know what happened! Almost gone. Spanish would have been more useful here in the US but I didn’t know that then.
        Enjoy the rest of your weekend – thanks!

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